Philanthropy Past and Present

Our region would be very different today, less socially and culturally rich, if not for philanthropy. In the North East, wealth generated from land, mining, shipping, industry and trade has been invested philanthropically over successive historical eras in community assets that continue to enrich our lives today. Acts of generosity in the past significantly impact on our everyday lives in the present. Many of our schools, libraries, hospitals, universities, churches, parks and gardens and community organizations are rooted in philanthropy, inspired across generations by care for others and desire for a better society. Philanthropy has never been the exclusive domain of the wealthy; social activism, volunteering and collective philanthropy have also been pivotal in delivering meaningful social change and in creating institutions we continue to hold dear.

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Generosity Festival

The GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving lasted three weeks in November 2018 with 50 events and activities taking place across the North East. It had three main aims: to celebrate and raise awareness of what philanthropy has achieved in the North East; to question, debate and inform the future role of philanthropy in the North East; to encourage more philanthropy and philanthropists, in all its forms, by demonstrating the joy of giving and the good it can do. Here you will find an archive of events that took place, coupled with images and recordings that will allow you to re-discover the festival again.

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