The North East needs more trustees. There are 6900+ charities and not for profit organisations working across the North East all of which need outstanding governance to thrive. There is also a need to address the average age of trustees across England which is 57 years. 

Volunteering a few days a year to deliver effective trusteeship is a powerful way to support and develop the work of essential organisations making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people across the North East. 

Trusteeship is hugely rewarding. As well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are part of a healthy and vibrant civil society, you’ll develop new skills, meet amazing new people and be part of interesting events, debates, initiatives and activities. 

Whether you are working in the private, public or voluntary sectors, if this is something you are already thinking about or might be interested in, it would be great to see you at this event! 

You'll have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn about the role and why it is so important. 
  • Hear first hand from trustees and organisational leaders about their experience with a focus on demystifying the role of a trustee. 
  • Have one-to-one conversations with a range of trustees and organisational leaders to answer your questions and delve further into trusteeship.
  • Express interest in a variety of follow-up initiatives to guide individuals into their first trusteeship position.

The event is run in partnership with Newcastle Young Professionals Forum.

This event is designed and delivered by the BetterGovernance working group, part of North East Together: Leaders Network for Social Change

Duration: 2 hours

Finish: 6 pm