Sir Peter and Lady Vardy
Sir Peter and Lady Vardy receiving the nationally recognised Beacon Award for Philanthropy for best practice and innovation from Baroness Prashar on 21st April 2015. Image: The Vardy Family Office

Charity Details

Full Name: The Vardy Foundation  
Founded: 1989
Type: Independent
Where Operates: United Kingdom
Headquarters: Sunderland, SR3 3XW
Charity No: 328415

History and Activities

Sir Peter Vardy began his philanthropic journey in earnest following the floatation in 1989 of Reg Vardy, his car retailing company, on the London Stock Exchange. This provided the means to establish The Vardy Foundation, which is famous for having established two major charities, the Emmanuel Schools Foundation in 1990 and Safe Families for Children in 2013. Each of these was primed by multi-million-pound donations from The Vardy Foundation.

Besides launching important regional and national charities, The Vardy Foundation is a major funder of North East and national charities, making grants to charities that combat social disadvantage and support families, advance the cause of education, promote Christian-based social action programmes, and champion the cause of arts, culture and heritage. In the financial year, grants totalling £2,531,864 were made, of which 36.3% went to welfare, 21.5% to education, 39.0% to faith-based initiatives, and 3% to the arts. In all, 434 grants were made, averaging £5,834. Major beneficiaries were the Beacon of Light in Sunderland (£500,000), Safe Families for Children (£275,000), Mercy Ships UK (£150,000), Dumfries Baptist Church (£200,000), British Youth for Christ (£100,000), and Christians Against Poverty (£100,000).

Vital Statistics (year to 05/04/2017)

Total Income:
Voluntary Income:
Investment Income:
Total Expenditure (TE):  
Grants to Beneficiaries (GR):
GR as % of TE:
Investments at Year End:



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